ZAPP Wipes

Zapp Wipes are the new normal in disinfection and sanitation for todays jet set lifestyle. Non sticky, non residual, fresh and soft.

Made with soft, skin friendly and non-scratching material. Long usage life, does not dry out and provides long use per wipe.

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Giving hygiene a new standard.
Use it indoors, on furniture, electronics, kitchen counters, dining tables, door handles, door knobs, washroom, sinks and taps and other interior applications.
Use it outdoor on the go! Wipe the seat before sitting, the steering wheel, gear knobs, your hands and all other surfaces.

Made using the highest quality material, each wipe is saturated with 75% Ethyl Alcohol to provide guaranteed 99.9 % disinfection on all surfaces.
Zapp Wipes are available in different packings to suit everyone’s lifestyle needs. Single Wipe packet, 20 Wipes pouch, 50 Wipes packet and 100 Wipe canisters.
Great For school, office, travel, home, toy wiping, healthcare professionals, shopping and picnics.