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"The researchers found that using chlorine bleach instead of quaternary ammonium cut transmissions of VRE by more than half. Adding UV light to the bleach regimen was even more effective; it cut VRE transmission by 64 percent.

“We can successfully reduce the risk of germs spreading through the environment through what we call, ‘enhanced disinfection’,” Anderson said." Source Duke Health


"“It’s a well-proven, extremely safe technology that is underused and often misunderstood,” Edward Nardell, professor in the Departments of Environmental Health and Immunology and Infectious Diseases, told NPR. “No one doubts the efficacy of germicidal UV in killing small microorganisms and pathogens. I think the bigger controversy, if there is any, is misperceptions around safety.” Source Harvard


"“We need new disinfecting techniques, and that’s where ultraviolet light is so promising, both in its ability to neutralize COVID as well as where we can create this autonomous robot that can disinfect a space without exposing more humans and putting more humans at risk,” Pierson said." Source MIT


For FAQs on UVC lights, usage, instructions and care please visit FDA guidelines


UVC Lights

Make Disinfection and Sanitization a breeze. A contactless system which kills 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria, Germs, Fungus on surface and in air. Additional layer of cleanliness, protection and security.

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What is UVC?

UVC is a germicidal light that kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeast and protozoa 99.9%. Not only effective with SARS coronavirus, also fights the common cold and other dangerous viruses such as Polio, TB, Measles, Chicken pox, E.coli, Typhoid, Salmonella, Hepatitis, Flu and Pneumonia. Just expose the area for a few minutes and it gets effortlessly sanitized. It breaks the DNA strands of the viruses and bacteria deactivating it in the process. UVC should never be used on Human skin or directly look into the light. 

How effective is UVC?

UVC is making its mark world wide to disinfect and sanitize Hospitals, Clinics, Airports, Train stations, Shopping malls, Buses and Bus stations on a daily basis. Using UVC is 99.9% effective. Reaches places where conventional cleaning simply does not reach. No staff required . Non corrosive, chemical free and residue free. Human friendly product line. This is the future of sanitization and disinfection.

Save yourself a trip to the doctors.

By using UVC lamps regularly it can eliminate common cold, flu, diarrhea, bacterial sinusitis, E.coli and many others including Coronavirus. Anxiety and stress in the times of pandemic can reduce your immunity, Safe Lyfe ensures you peace of mind. Highly recommended for people and patients with low immunity.

Which product is right for me?

We have a variety of products catered towards everyone. From children to adults. From homes to industries and everything in between. Head right over to our catalogue to see the right product for you.


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