Introduction to Safelyfe UVC Germicidal

In today's world your home can be invaded easily by unseen Bacteria and Viruses and like the Coronavirus. Most of the time we ourselves invite diseases into our homes unknowingly. Our safety solutions will help you to live your life fearlessly. Conventional methods of cleaning are just not enough to keep up with the coronavirus. Safelyfe UVC products disinfects surfaces, air, personal belongings and things you cannot wash like laptops, cell phones and other belongings which are not washable. It reaches every corner nook and cranny effortlessly without moving a muscle. Automate your cleaning while ensuring excellent surface and environment disinfection. 

Ensure effortless safety for your family, colleagues, guests, clients or workers. There are literally thousands of applications which you can determine upon usage as everyone of is unique with our own set of needs. 

UVC based Germicidal equipment for your home, office and industry needs. Our premium products help keep you and your family safe from viruses and bacteria. 

Ultraviolet light in the UV-C band (200–280 nm) is also known as ultraviolet germicidal radiation and is widely used for sterilizing equipment and creating sterile environments, as well as in the food and the water industry to inactivate microorganisms. It works by deactivating RNA and DNA rendering them incapable of reproducing and spreading.